Tuesday, May 08, 2007

lotsa mozza

my family is obsessed with the food network. even my sister who lives in switzerland gets her daily fix of paula deen and the gang. when my dad is home in the daytime, he doesn't miss a second of mario batali. as a result, we've been to all of the batali restaurants in new york. recently the big red MB opened up his first west coast venture, mozza. being the pizza and batali fan I am, I was dying to pull a hard to get rez. last night I had that opportunity. mozza, located on highland off melrose looks similarly to batali's new york joints with the simple bold colors of tuscany and a killer wine selection. the eggplant companata and marinated peppers were a great start and the margherita pizza (despite the 12 other more fanciful pizza concoctions) was buttery and yummy and filled with basil-y goodness. a glass of their slightly overpriced red was a perfect accompaniment. buon appetito!

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