Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I wear my sunglasses

I love the sunglasses. In the past I've always made the decision to spend 1/2 my rent money on sunglasses rather than on my, well, rent. I have several favortie pairs of Chanels, Dior and a great pair of Chloe with some Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban and Betsey Johnson thrown in for good measure. Lately though, I've been more interested in my $5 aviators that I picked up at the Fairfax flea market. What's great about them is they are chic and classic (like a Michael Kors) but I can lose them, break them, sit on them, throw them out and still go and pick up a brand new pair for next to nothing. It's the great sunglass debate. what's your stance?

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Nicole said...

I concur, ma cherie. Without even having heard your sage style advice, I have been looking like a jet-setting playgirl in my $15 aviators from the duty-free shop in the Quebec City Airport. I guess you transmit your fashion tips to me by symbiosis or telekinesis.

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