Friday, April 20, 2007

breaking night

if u happen to be up at 2am - 4am EST (thats 11 - 1am west siders) tonite/early saturday morning, I'll be hanging out on the home shopping network talking about shoe trends and my personal fave, mens-wear inspired clothing for the ladies.


Orionsaint said...

Hi Jess! I saw you on HSN last night. Great stuff! I'm a fan now. Now I'm a guy and yes I have a fondness for female feet and i'm very particular about the shoes my women wear. Those were some cute shoes last night. I even bought the Ebisu Braided Leather Toe Loop Sandal for my girlfriend. She loves them. Also let me tell you. You have some of the prettiest toes I've ever seen on a woman Jess. Some guys really appreciate that. So thank you darling.

Anonymous said...

you need a show on E1 ... get on Wild On ..the travel show. you should host.
be more famous. worldwide.

no need to leave, google it here