Monday, February 27, 2012

Speaking of Best Dressed...

On Friday, I led The Chew Crew Style Team in a fantastically glamorous Red Carpet The Real Way OSCAR segment. Need a dress for that wedding in the Spring? Check out our real girl glamour picks and apply to your event dress wardrobe! Speaking of event dress, I absolutely loved the on the edge looks on the Red Carpet this year, with Gwenyth Paltrow in Tom Ford and Michelle Williams in Louis leading my top pick list. Melissa McCarthy is a consistent miss, and needs better style direction. She's a star, now! Kenneth Branagh looked hot-o supremo and Billy Crystal led the bore of a night with heart. Thank goodness The Artist took home so many statues, it made up for Meryl Streep's two sizes too big Lanvin gold throw-back and J-Lo's nip slip.

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