Wednesday, October 26, 2011

JZ hearts RZ

I watched four hours of The Rachel Zoe Project yesterday and even that wasn't enough. They are everything! While it's certainly fun to watch the fabulousness of their lives in fashion and stress, I love watching it for the design inspiration. I am a HUGE fan of Hollywood Glam home goods and anybody who's been to any of my New York and Hollywood homes, knows I love a misplaced crystal chandelier,D.I.Y. stripes in my bathroom, and a faux fur throw on anything. In my third hour of the RZ marathon, style assistant Jeremiah hooked up the new Zoe house with the freshest home looks. I'm glad they're leasing, as I've got that dream home in my sights.

And if you want to turn a hot RZ fashion look into something luxuriously lounge-y, her pre-push, sequence Halston dress, can be purchased here, for a Cheap Chic approved $20, as a pillow.

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