Monday, November 01, 2010

true blue

I have a big week. with some important meetings and two television shoots. which means I am in need of a mani. I want something fun and trendy for fall. my all too loved go-to red needs to step aside for the moment and Imma let my true blue shine thru. It's been on all of the runways and it's different and it's my first time, so I am actually nervous. eek. will it complement my skin tone? my outfit? can u believe I think about this decision for more than five minutes?! high class problems people. I love the ritual of going in, picking a color and the hour long craftmanship of a local cheapie hood place. what color is on your nails this week?


Bryanna M said...


L.D said...

Im into the neon greens these days. I know its a summer color but who cares. I do what i want! p.s the blue is fab!!

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