Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm moving. and it's a bitch. most nights these days, I'm found under boxes of stuff, fighting my way out to find my inner sanctuary feng shui. since I am home, I'm watching teevee. and last night while organizing my media cables and old issues of domino magazine, I had the apprentice on. I haven;t watched it since my girl claudia jordan was a contestant. and while, I'm over the forced reality show format, there was a style stand-out. masha, who got kicked off last night, made it through the show in a trendy lace top, fire engine red nails and an awesome fitted black dress, blazer combo. she was so on trend, that I had to write a blog about it. she may be fired but masha was a fashion winner.


Anonymous said...

ugh the apprentice...Im over the donald. But fire red nails are always a plus!

Felicia J said...

HA! I remember claudia!! I watch way to much t.v

no need to leave, google it here