Tuesday, May 18, 2010

looking for style in the arab world

with the recent crowning of our first arab-american miss america, rima fakih, my super hot boyfriend, majed starring in the recent new york arab-american comedy festival and the soon to be released sex in the city 2 which takes place in the middle east, I figured I would do some investigative trending on the culture and style of the arab world. the popular thaub, traditionally worn by men is a long, white tunic worn in the desert. this can be easily be translated into a beautiful tory burch tunic for the beach. and everyone loves a scarf. the traditional kafia is sold widespread from urban outfitters to the hipster streets of williamsburg. and as for beauty products, my super hot boyfriend majed just educated me on the practice of henna as hair dye. peace through style, people. like jessica simpson, embrace and share the beauty and love in all.

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Anonymous said...

How funny I'm Mexican American n we do it here in the states since I was little

no need to leave, google it here