Wednesday, April 28, 2010

how does something so pretty have such an ugly name?

brought to us by the swedish, clogs first came into fashion in the 1970's. over the years, they have made their transition from traditional dancing clog to fashion piece to chef's attire to the comfortable (yet slouchy) crocs and finally, this year, the clog is back as a fashion piece and it is faaabulous. perfectly paired with a skinny jean and loose tee, clogs are THE shoe of the season. I just wish it would get warm enough in nyc, so we can break out the spring wardrobe!

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sarah nean bruce said...

i like these jess! very tall, very chic, very toughgirl too! hope you are great. i have migrated my pseudo-blogging from facebook to a real blog (which posts on facebook), so my friends without facebook pages (like anthony & eva) can read/see! please check it out!
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