Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm with the (head) band

the new york city weather this winter is freeeezing! most days, unbearable. I often wonder why I moved away from sunny california where the weather never dips below 60 and the sun is always shining. so when I see a handmade item, that is intended to keep your head comfy and cute in these cold, cold times, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside. a friend and fellow artist, gabriela fernandez has be knitting up these adorable headbands that look cute and for only $20, supports the artisan community. drop her a line at gabbyto2000@hotmail.com and order up some warm for your wardrobe today.

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Fabulously Fashionable Dawn said...

Very cute..just like the ones see on "the City"

no need to leave, google it here