Tuesday, January 06, 2009

cocktails at tiffany's

I had the pleasure of attending the bride wars premiere last night and the fab afterparty which was held at tiffany. gotta love an after-hours event at tiffany's. we were even gifted with little blue bags that held little blue books (for scribbling naughty thoughts in). as for the film, it was written by casey wilson of SNL fame. anne hathaway is stunning. in person, even more so. she had men surrounding her the entire night both at the screening and the party. kate hudson is an adorable comic tour de force. I guess it's in the genes. the movie is cute and kristen johnston steals the show. I got to say hello to my old friend robert verdi at the party and my accessory muse, jennifer meyer with her hubby tobey macguire in tow. much love and thank to LR for the invite.

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