Sunday, March 30, 2008

somebody's getting married

It’s that time of the year when flowers are blooming and friends are getting married. my good friend, bree is getting hitched in june and to celebrate her family held a sweet bridal shower at their house in malibu. it was such a lovely sunday afternoon with good friends, homemade cupcakes and oodles upon oodles of fun registry gifts from crate and barrel with a few naughty pieces thrown in. who knew urban outfitters made such cute lingerie? I went with a bedside carafe as a gift. I love the classy look next to the bed and it certainly comes in handy when you’re thirsty at night. cheers to a lifetime of love for my funny and fabulous friend bree (and her husband to be, justin). as an extra added bonus, bree just got cast opposite katherine heigel in their newest flick, so watch for it in the near future.

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