Thursday, March 20, 2008

road tested. stylist approved.

can a pair of forever 21 jeans stand the test of wear and tear and time with 40 hours of cross-country travel? yes, they can! I had a busy day tuesday starting off with slipping on my new pair of high waisted forever 21 jeans that I picked up at the hollywood&highland mall. I figured if I’m going with something trendy like high-waisted might as well spend as little as possible. headed to work for the day, from work to school (jeans. good. check), headed from school to airport. hopped 11:45 red eye from LAX TO JFK and arrived in NYC at 7am (jeans. good. check). had 10am breakfast meeting with my book agent, 11:30 coffee with potential associate and ol’ friend jaime hochauser, lunch meeting in tribeca with spaceman media and finally met my mom (who thankfully had the car so I didn’t have to lug around the jeans annnnd all of my luggage in the rain - jeans. good. check.) we headed to century 21 in my forever 21 jeans (if you’ve never heard of century 21, it is a MUST STOP SHOP in NYC) got bombarded by couture-crazy crazies, went for dinner at island burgers and shakes where I ordered my bud barzel’s namesake burger (stomach. happy and full. jeans. good. check.), headed to the theatre to see curtains with david hyde pierce which was thoroughly entertaining, got in car and headed back to long island still looking fabulous in my forever 21 jeans from the day before. good. check.

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