Sunday, June 11, 2006

thursday thoughts on a sunday night

last thursday was good. lots to do. got up at 4:30am to get to a studio in the valley to shoot a satellite media tour for promotion of the style network's 21 day wedding something or other. I should've probably been more up on what I was promotin' but it was 4:30 in the morning. can't fault a girl for those early morning memory losses. coffee bean doesn't even open until 6:30am, so p'scuse me. bought a very cute dress on melrose for 40 bux to rock for the day. me and claudia and kim bradford from whose wedding is it anyway? were "wedding experts" on said media tour and appeared on over a dozen morning shows promoting this style network wedding month. after make-up (and coffee), the three of us got along swimmingly and quickly got down a niche of our own nuptual tips -- I was the go-to girl for the wedding dresses (if you see a wedding dress you like, i.e. jessica simpsons, etc.), rip out the picture and take it to a local tailor. you can get the same look without the celebrity price tag after a couple of hours of this, claudia and I headed over to see jane who was sub-hosting for leeza gibbons on leeza live. it was waaay fun. claudia is also being followed for a reality show on her boyfriend, olympian maurice green, so there was a double crew of two two two shows in one. with the modern girls shooting schedule over, its really nice to have a busy day now and again. I've been chillin with my man, but he starts kimmel tomorrow so its bye bye bye baby in the daytime for now. I made us a nice good luck dinner tonite of chicken kebob, kale and rice...with wine. lots of wine. that's why I'm blabbering at the mouth/fingers here in the front of the computer on a sunday night cheers.

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Your man sounds damn lucky!

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