Monday, March 12, 2012

The Downtown Project

Two years ago, me and my cutie boyfriend decided to co-habitate in the most unlikely of places. The Upper East Side. After traversing the city, taking in the neighborhood’s food, proximity to a subway and apartment pricing, the Upper East Side afforded us everything we wanted and more. So we made the move to a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired junior one bedroom with wood floors, exposed brick, recessed lighting and 5 incredibly chic large french windows where we’ve created the perfect Cheap Chic set up to settle in to.

It took a while, one month specifically, for me to allow the opulence and luxury of my new neighborhood to flood in and once I aligned with its beauty, tree-lined streets and incredibly rich history of New York art and society, I’ve never looked back. As the creator of Cheap Chic Shopping Tours, I believe money doesn’t buy style. I buy it cheap and make it chic. And this applies to living as well. My neighborhood may be for millionaire’s, but I’ve claimed it as my own, for free. To read more, click The Downtown Project here.

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