Tuesday, March 30, 2010

under my umbrella. ella. ella.

on a rainy day in nyc (which happens to be today), one must own a very sturdy and stylish umbrella to make the many block-walk to the subway station bearable. more often than not, we youngsters and/or urban commuters have a couple of cheapie umbrellas to make due. this results in a busted, pathetic brolly that usually ends up in the corner wastebasket and a disgruntled ny-er who is left soaking wet. I say enough already! let's grow up and give our rainy day women a proper brolly to work with. if u have the bux to spend, burberry is tops. for major rain coverage at a spend-thrift price, this totes golf umbrella is perfect! and if something girly is more your thing, this hello kitty umbrella takes the cake!


The Digital Couch said...

What a crazy day! What a crazy umbrella!

I love this blog! The worst part about the rain is I go from ken Wahhl to Morgan Freeman!


megd said...

Thanks Jess!

I've left yet another cheapie umbrella corpse in a NYC trash can. It's time for a grown up sturdy umbrella for me. Plenty of April showers to come! Thanks for the recommendations!


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