Saturday, November 21, 2009

parlour tricks

where can you get a massage, a new 'do, freshly made ice cream and tattoos all in one fell friday swoop? at the 20th installment of ryan mcginness' 50 parties party, parlour night, of course. beauty props from this beauty expert as the girls were rocking n' rolling early 1950 updo's with a punk twist that made it feel like prom. lucky for us, there was the freshly made ice cream offered in the ice cream parlor of the burnt sugar and pumpkin spice variety to accompany the urban innocence of friends getting fucked up at a friday night house party. yumm. me and maaj waited on line for tattoos, of which ryan chose some of his choice images for guests to permanently parade around. never made it to the front of the line but met some lovely (and tall - hi karen and mamie) new friends along the way and saw many of ryan's friends get their tattoo cherry popped. mazel. made our way out as the party was winding down and michael hearst packed up his theramin. can't wait for next week when our t-day leftovers will be put to good use.

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