Friday, March 27, 2009

home of the $12 blow-dry !!??!

I needed to get a blow-out for an event but couldn't spend the high price tag. so I took to the internet. with a little bit o' search, I came across this unbelievable find. a $12 blow-dry somewhere in chinatown. could it be true? or is this some urban myth to trick beauty-loving babes into some sticky situation? sure enough, after getting lost in a remote section of chinatown, I found my way to pell st. (oddly enough, its like five blocks from my apt). sitting pretty at 32 pell st. is the top ten hair salon. its busy and there is a wait, but I was given a yummy smelling shampoo, condition and head massage. then into the chair for a fantastic blow-dry and finish it off, an iron to boot! I was sure that the extra wash and iron would bump the price up a bit but no, ladies and gentlemen, this salon is one of its word. I recommend you run, don't walk to take advantage of this incredible deal before the tourists take over.

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LaraLou said...

Love! I'm going to have to check this place out! x

no need to leave, google it here