Tuesday, January 08, 2008

PiQ of the week

boutique jewlery designers m. anthony originals have come out with a very cool accessory of which I've never seen the likes of. the PiQ is a hand-crafted 18k white gold piece with 150 round-cut brilliant diamonds inlaid. fashion innovation at its best. soon to be available in maxfield... and your mouth?


Anonymous said...

Got to tell you not a fan of the jeweled tooth pic. Can easily be misplaced. Not such a great gift item. Think about it. Would you want or give a jeweled tooth pick?

jesszaino said...

jopa - your opinions are certainly heard loud and clear on the piQ pick. as a style expert, I love it as a style prop for editorial. the overall essence of the piece is very creative and unique. as for it being practical? not so much.

InCog said...

I'll take a jeweled toothpick any day over a wooden one! And I will sell that baby on Ebay!

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