Friday, July 13, 2007

that's all folks

me and andi hit up the warner brothers studio sale a couple of weeks ago and walked away with some fab finds. the studio sale is when they rid themselves of all of the wardrobe, sets, misc. pieces that are used throughout the years on the different television shows. you pick up a cute purple gap tee and chances are you walking away with television history. it was fun to rummage (for hours) over the racks of clothing and furniture looking for fun and cheap finds. as a style expert, I was able to decipher between a pill-y, unwearable no name from a comme des garcon original. we were pretty happy to have me around.

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Jennifer said...

How do you find out about fabulous events like this, and can any one attend?
Thank you Jess, and safe travels
: )

no need to leave, google it here