Saturday, June 23, 2007

marc my words

people tend to have misconceptions when it comes to designer shops. a fear of the unknown (and exorbitant pricing) keeps many a good shopper out of a prada or a versace. well fear not high fashion lovers! I am here to report from the front lines that marc by marc jacobs on melrose has the freshest affordable trinkets this side of target. I picked up a quilted oversized bag, a gold wallet, flips and a tee for S. and another carry-all bag for me, while spending close to $100!?!? if you're not in the la. area hit up their website or check out eBay. rumour has it, someone is selling some of the cheap stuff there. speaking of rumers, if you are in the la. area, rumer willis is a shopgirl at the marc by marc joint. perhaps an ashton sighting is in your fashion future?


Nicole said...

Grab me one of those gold wallets and I will introduce you to Paul Potts!

InCog said...

Better yet - grab one of those gold wallets and I'll grab you!

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