Tuesday, January 29, 2008

america's next top idol

I had the pleasure of auditioning for american idol yesterday. yup, THE american idol. but sadly no, not the singing portion. I was too young to compete. ha. I am now in the running however for a gig as an on-air Stylist for the show. even if I don't make it past this portion to "get to Hollywood", I still got a fun prize at the audition. one of the models from the janice dickinson show (which is produced by idol's fremantle media) works as an assistant in the office and any chance to see one of my fave celeb-reality show peeps in person is a secret treat for me. now if only I make it onto the show I can make reality teevee a reality.

SAG style

I was glad to see the celebs working the red carpet again for this years SAG awards. since it is an award show that awards actors, it was a pleasant show of performer support despite the writers strike that is proving to be the straw that broke the entertainment industry's back. the dresses were a statement in individuality and it was a breath of fresh fashion to see people making some bold choices, both good and bad (and very very ugly). we'll start with the bad news: what was jane krakowski wearing? that over embellished neckline looked like a beehive of plastic beads!? a beautiful color but the heaviness of it threw the couture off its course. sandra oh who is a favorite of mine looked like she was swallowed up by a huge black dress then tied up in a bright pink bow. bad. very bad. as for the good: the award goes to christina applegate. she looked stunning in a glamorous flapper beaded throwback floor length. stunning. I loved the bright pops of yellow (color to watch for Spring!) and the fact that Metallic is now a major Hollywood player. Hemlines were long and necklines were left sleveless, strapless and bare with the colors and cuts being the main accessory of the night.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

trends ahoy! or is that chips?

it's a new year full of possibilities, hope and change as the politicians continue to remind us. don't get me wrong. change is great and certainly needed to keep us moving forward. a change is gonna come and if you're not prepared it can rock your socks off and I don't mean of the athletic variety. a perfect start to take control of our changing world is to take charge of your personal space, so let's start with what's on your person...

if you don't know what to keep or cleanse, go with this trick: if you haven't worn something in over six months, ditch it. if it's well-preserved you may get money for it by bringing it to buffalo exchange. I racked up a couple hundred bucks and unloaded a ton of stuff doing this. and as always, its better to give then to receive so if you don't have a buffalo exchange in your area, pack it up for goodwill.

as for what you keep, save the metallics. they're still ice hot. especially this shift rocker from laROK or this sexy gold heel from steve madden. if you're looking to add a few key pieces go for naturals but as natural conjures up visions of woody harrelson smelling of patchouli and playing the bongos nekkid, I prefer to say eco-fab fashions of wood, stones and other natural materials. h&m has a great collection of pure cotton coming in to stores for spring. pair a tee with these fun wooden bangles from target to score major socially conscious style points.

sheesh, I'm still thinking of that woody harrelson bit. and no, nekkid isn't the men trend du jour. but rufus is! not only is the menswear line known for its updated traditionalist styles that have become the contemporary status quo of cool but they've just added accessories into the mix with pocketsquares, bowties and ties .

if I still have your most treasured and appreciated attention, I hope you won't mind a few more words from the world of Jess Zaino...

I'm on Style Network's How Do I Look?, this Monday, January 21 at 9pm

I will be appearing live on HSN January 30 and 31st at 10pm EST talking about the natural and metallic trends I mention here

You can always log on to my monthly fashion writings on the HSN fashion homepage (and while you're there, pick yourself out something nice

Who is this wild Jess Zaino? For a fun look into my fashionista life, check out this interview I had with Fashionalities

And that concludes the trend portion of this style session. Thank you kindly for the time. Let me know what's going on in your 2008 and live long and prosper fashionably.
Love ya like a sis,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

love. angel. music. BAGS!!!

my newest obsession is the Asti Glazed Folding Clutchh by gwen stefani's L.A.M.B. it has the perfect pop-y color of bright kelly green for spring and it's style functionality gives you a bang for the buck with its clutch to tote feature. I'm in love. lady has really outdone herself with this recent crop of L.A.M.B. merch.

pink is the new pink

popped into kitson on robertson the other day, which if you don't know is the end all be all of l.a. casual fashion and got the inside scoop that the color for spring is neon pink. since it is such a bright color and maybe overwhelming for some on a top or trouser, you can incorporate the trend in with accessories: piping on bags, bracelets, etc.

red, white and woo-hoo

the new cover of GQ magazine stars rachel bilson looking too cute in a patriotic blue bikini with red bows. I sure hope she gets another gig coz she really works it as the girl next door. speaking of patriotic, how about those elections, huh?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

what's your fashionality?

fashionista natasha is the editor of fashionalities. she got in touch a few days ago and we did a fun interview that you can read here.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

PiQ of the week

boutique jewlery designers m. anthony originals have come out with a very cool accessory of which I've never seen the likes of. the PiQ is a hand-crafted 18k white gold piece with 150 round-cut brilliant diamonds inlaid. fashion innovation at its best. soon to be available in maxfield... and your mouth?

pampering by pambee

traveling can be a real B* but if you've got the right travel accessories, it doesn't have to be so bad. enter the PamBee set. created by a flight attendant, its a luxurious blanket, pillow and eyemask with a soft and silky suede-like lining that fits into one compact kit and looks stylish to boot! I used one on my holiday travels and I ain't never looking back (especially with that fab eyemask on).

trendsters unite!

over the holiday I got to thinking that I want to expand this whole trendster thing to include you. yes, you. if you're out and about and see something trendster-worthy, take a pic and send it to me at jesszaino@gmail.com along with a blurb and whatever links (myspace? facebook?) you want me to post and link it back to. let's get this party started...............

new year

I just got back into town from holiday travel and had such a time! first stop was new york where I was introduced to the many offerings of brooklyn by my brooklyn-born boyfriend saundi. if you're looking for a creative and unique gift including boutique clothes, curios and knick-knacks hit up red pearl on bedford. hungry? don't miss grimaldi's for pizza and for the best cup o' joe and new york black and white cookie, try cranberry's in the heights. delish. for the tech headz, the mac store in soho is helpful, quick and filled with friendly workers and the best apple accessories. if you're on long island and in need of a mani/pedi, jessie's nails on portion road in ronkonkoma is an inexpensive luxury and worth the trip if you're in the surrounding area. next on our holiday tour was miami. ay mami. the standard miami is perfect for a hip drink and great yoga on the bay (take a cab though because parking's a bitch). the gals in miami know how to rock a look that's cool, loose and classic. you can find the best in chic linen pants, sexy tops and studded sandals in the bal harbour shops and for food, give soyka's a go for a comfortable and loungy open space with yummy food. 2008's bell has rung and we're back in L.A. to kick off the new year in style. please join me.

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